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1001 Handy Scripture References   .35  
The Best Church for You   .08  
The Bible Believer's Helpful Little Handbook   .35  
Fighting Back! A Handy Reference Guide for King James Bible Believers   .35  
The Bible Believer's Handbook of Heresies   .35  
Interesting Bible Stuff for Bible Believers   .27  
Preach the Word! Sermon Outlines - Volume I   .35  
Abortion: Ten Bible Reasons Why it is Wrong   .10  
Acts 2:38 - Satan's Favorite Bible Verse   .08  
Apostolic Signs and Wonders: Are They For Today?   .04  
Capital Punishment: Why I Support It   .08  
Child Abuse: Something Every Parent Should Know   .04  
Christian Cursing   .04  
Deity of Jesus Christ   .08  
Fables And Facts About the King James Bible   .08  
Fifty Facts About Tongues And Healing   .08  
Five Facts of Life   .04  
How I Know I'm Going to Heaven   .04  
How I Know the King James Bible is the Word of God   .10  
 If You Want To Be A Redneck?   .08  
Is it Right to Judge?   .08  
The Italicized Words in the Bible   .08  
The Judgment Seat of Christ   .08  
Let's Compare Bibles   .10  
666 - Mark of the Beast: It's Closer Than You Think!   .04  
The Messiah   .10  
Modern Science In an Ancient Book   .08  
The Plain Truth about the Baptist Brider Heresy   .08  
The Plain Truth about the Catholic Church Heresy   .08  
The Plain Truth about the Jehovah's Witnesses   .08  
The Plain Truth about the Lodge   .08  
The Plain Truth about Mormons   .08  
Repent or Perish!   .10  
Santa Claus and Satan's Clause   .04  
Satan's Ten Commandments for Parents   .08  
Second Coming of Jesus Christ   .10  
Seven Simple Things You Should Know About Salvation   .04  
Should Christians Observe Halloween?   .04  
Signs of the Times   .10  
Sin of Sodom   .08  
Sins of the Tongue   .08  
Understanding God's Salvation Plan   .12  
When a Sinner Goes to Hell   .08  
Why Can't We Have World Peace?   .10  
Why Does God Allow Suffering?   .08  
Why I Do Not Have a Television   .04  
Why Should I Receive Jesus Christ?   .04  
Witches, Wizards, and the Word of God   .08  
You Might be a Spiritual Baby   .08  
Your New Life in Christ   .25  

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Bible Baptist Church
125 E. Maple
Sharon, TN 38255

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