"The Battle Hymn of the Protestants"

(sung to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

By Todd Barker, B.D.

Todd Barker is on staff at the Bible Believers' Baptist Church, an Independent, Bible Believing (KJV) church. The pastor is Glen Stocker. The Church is located three miles West of I-27 on Rockwell Rd. Between Amarillo and Canyon, TX. The Phone # for the church and Bookstore is: 806-499-323, the Pastor's home phone # is: 806-655-9185 or E-Mail at GSTOCKER@faculty.wtamu.edu Please, write, call, E-mail or come by any time. You can also visit their web site at: http://www.webtex.com/bbbc/


The Lord is soon returning all his loved ones he shall find

he will rapture up the Christians and will leave the Pope behind

then Rome shows her true colors and those on the earth will find

that the Pope's the Anti-Christ



Glory, Glory, Christ is coming

Glory, Glory, Christ is coming

Glory, Glory, Christ is coming

to destroy the Anti-Christ



The martyred saints are calling for the vengance of their blood

and are waiting for the judgment to be sent down by their God

at the bloody whore's destruction how the chiors of heaven will swell

when the Pope is cast in Hell



How Martin Luther will rejoice when he shall see that day

and Latimer and Ridly will be cheering all the way

when the Roman Church is burning at the presence of the Lord

as He wields the Spirit's sword



Blaspheme not my holy name I can hear Jesus shout

as he tramples down the Vatican and throws the papa out

then the word of God will triumph and will every foe surmount

on Babylon's judgement day

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