The P.P. Bliss Lyric Archive

Father, I'm Tired

Note: most of this song is in "chant" style

Father, I'm tired,
The way is rough and thorny and my
Feet are torn,
Are torn and bleeding and I'm,
Weary sad and worn;
I thirst for the still waters of the
Promised land.
And seem to hear them rippling on the
Golden sand.
Yet through this arid waste I journey
On and on,
And the long journey seems for me but
Just begun,
Yet I am tired.

Father, I'm tired!
I don not want to go to heaven on
Beds of ease;
Nor always would I ask clear
Sky and balmy breeze.
I would not shrink from clouds and threat'ning
Sky and storm.
I know the after sunlight seems more
Sweet and warm.
But, oh, to strive and struggle thus from
Day to day,
And know that such must be my lot,
I can but say,
Father, I'm tired.

Father, I'm tired!
Must my life-burden ever thus so
Heavy be?
Shall only crosses bring me
Nearer heaven and thee?
O, my meek Savior, shall my proud heart
Always feel
Towatrd this world as a weak worm
Beneath the heel?
Help me, O help me to
Remember thee,
Jesus, and all the scorn that thou hast
Borne for me,
When I am tired.

Father, I'm tired!
Yet, O I would not murmur when my
Lot seems hard.
I know the servant cannot
Be above his Lord;
I know that every cross I bear for
Thee below
Shall make my crown in heaven more
Brightly glow.
I would do any thing, be
Anything for thee,
O Father grant thy grace to
Strengthen me
When I am tired.

Father, I'm tired!
Yet this I know, that sometime I shall
Fold my hands
From their life-work; my soul shall
Burst its prison bands;
My feet shall stand by Jordan; I shall
Catch a gleam
Of the pure, sinless clime that lies
Beyond the stream.
I shall go hand in hand with Jesus
Through the tide,
And in the home prepared upon
The other side,
Never grow tired.