The P.P. Bliss Lyric Archive

Hope For Our Horses

author's name given as Pro Phundo Basso, Bliss' pseudonymn for his humorous writings and songs (although the song itself is a bit of a tear-jerker). The horses named in this song are believed to be Bliss' own horses; "Fannie" is also mentioned in the humorous poem, "How Into Music".

I'm waiting by the wagon,
My heart is lone and sore.
I'm weeping for my "Dobbin,"
His weary life is o'er.
We've jogged along together
Through many journeys past,
But now we lay the harness by
We've turned him out at last.

Whoa, Dobbin, whoa,
The wint'ry winds do blow
And seem to say, as well they may,
Whoa, Dobbin, whoa.

Down in her stable yonder,
I see my faithful Fan.
I leave my morning paper
To save her if I can.
In gentle tone I murmur,
"Dear Fannie, won't you stay?"
She sadly shakes her drooping head
And ho(a)rsely asnwers, "Neigh."

Whoa, Fannie, whoa,
How can I let you go?
Though old and blind, you're true and kind;
Whoa, Fannie whoa.

Old Dobbin has departed
And faithful Fannie too,
And now, my gentle Jennie,
I fondly turn to you.
Cheer up! For by their memory
Who served and suffered so,
Such deadly draught and weary toil
Your neck shall never know.

Whoa, Jennie, whoa,
Your load shall lighter grow.
So let me prove my tender love;
Whoa, Jennie, whoa.